Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2008/12/09 - Another session

The past two days were focused on Intuflow and Compensatory stretching. On my no- and low- intensity days I still do Intuflow and on the low day I add the kettlebell compensatory cool down movements as my yoga practice. On my kettlebell days I now do the kettlebell specific mobility movements as the warm-up and the compensatory stretches as my cool-down. I have noticed some significant changes in my mobility since starting with the kettlebell specific warm-up and cool-down; even more so than what I got from Intuflow. I guess it is because these moves specifically target the areas of the body that get too tight due to extensive work with kettlebells. One result of the greater mobility is that I now rest comfortably in the rack position because I can actually find my hip bone with my elbow. I noticed today that the position actually feels very comfortable and the bell is really projected strongly off my hip bone when doing jerks - YES!

My left shoulder is also feeling a lot better. I still experience the occasional stab of discomfort but nothing compared to what it was like a couple of weeks ago. Here is today's session:

Kettlebell specific warm-up

One Arm Jerk (24kg): 8x1 minute sets (4/4) @ 8 rpm

Front squat (16kg + 24kg): 3 sets of 5

Swing (32kg): 10/10

Kettlebell specific compensatory stretches


Howie Brewer said...

How much rest are you taking between your jerk sets? 1 min on, 1 min off?

Finding that hip bone is nice, no? When I teach, I so totally stress how important it is to develop that flexibility. Without it, you're toast later on.

hunashaman said...

Hey Howie. On the moderate days I take 2 minute rests between Jerk sets and 1 minute between the squat sets. I don't want to put much emphasis on the cardio aspect. Yea, it's great to finally have the rack more or less sorted. It makes things a lot easier.