Sunday, December 21, 2008

2008/12/21 - Snatching the 32kg

In keeping with my strength focus on the moderate days I decided to try something I haven't done yet - snatching the 32kg bell. I have jerked and pressed the 32kg before but have always been nervous of snatching it. I wasn't fully sure that I would be able to control the lockout at the top but decided that I'm going to have to find out at some point. This is how the session went:

Warm up

Snatch (32kg): 5x5/5

Front squat (16kg + 24kg): 4x5

Swing (32kg): 10/10

Compensatory cool-down

The 32kg felt pretty heavy in the snatch sets but I controlled it well and my form was solid. There is no way I'll be able to go for longer sets with the 32 at this point but I'm sure it will have a positive impact on my work with lighter bells. Having worked with this weight today I also have developed an even greater appreciation of what it must take to snatch the bell for a 10 minute set - awesome stuff!

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Howie Brewer said...

Damn Johan!!

Now that's a nice Christmas gift you just gave yourself!

2009 will be your year to start some serious playing with the 32kg. Nice going!!