Thursday, October 30, 2008

2008/10/30 - Moderate day (Strength oriented)

During my current 4x7 the moderate day is specifically aimed at correcting some weaknesses I discovered during the IKFF cert. I found that my overall strength has decreased during the period I was only training with lighter weights and timed sets. Steve encouraged me to start working heavier again, even in my timed sets. I also noticed that my squat form deteriorated dramatically. Although this is partially due to an injury I incurred earlier this year I realized that anything that is not trained will deteriorate - unless maybe if you are a highly skilled athlete. Today's session included some exercises to address my weak spots. I did:

Intuflow to warm up

Press (24kg): 2 minutes: 8/8
Press (24kg): 2 minutes: 8/8
Press (32kg) 3/3

After the presses I did some body weight squats, overhead body weight squats, hip mobility movements and walking lunges to prepare my body for the squats. I then did:

Front squats (24kg + 16kg): 3 sets of 5

Windmills (16kg): 5/5

I ended the session with some Prasara and Qi Gong

I thoroughly enjoyed this session and I feel energized and fresh after the work. I have forgotten how refreshing a slightly heavier but short session can be. It is obvious that this works a different energy system (anaerobic) rather than the more aerobic leanings of long sets.

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