Tuesday, October 28, 2008

2007/10/28 - Starting my post-IKFF 4x7

One thing that became very clear during the IKFF cert is that I have lost some strength during the past few months of just training GS/AKC style with a light weight. I also noticed that I lost some of my previous movement abilities, specifically related to squatting and lunging type movements. My new 4x7, starting today and ending on November 24 is designed to rectify (or at least begin to rectify) this. The plan will work as follows:

* Day 1: Intuflow and some IKFF mobility drills
* Day 2: Prasara yoga and some of the IKFF stretches
* Day 3: Strength oriented lifts like bottom up presses, get-ups and squats
* Day 4: GS style training / AKC sets

I started the programme today with Intuflow, some IKFF mobility drills and hip openers that will help with my squatting form. I also did a few overhead squats with a towel. The session was finished off with a few rounds of the Qi Gong set Steve taught this past weekend.

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