Monday, October 27, 2008

2008/10/27 - The day after

So today it was back to the real world (or perhaps it is the illusion) after a weekend of exploring the depths of human physical, mental and spiritual potential. I felt pretty tired most of today and also ate like a horse. I am quite surprised though that I'm not experiencing as much DOMS as I thought I would. I mainly feel super tight in the hamstrings and biceps. I'm actually glad about the sore hammies because it means that I used the right muscles for the job during the cert. The fact that my shoulders are not sore implies that I performed the lifts properly rather than trying to use too much strength. Naturally I'm not doing any training today - unless eating can be considered to be a type of physical training. I learned so much this weekend and am still trying to put together the pieces into a coherent framework. I am also pretty excited to start my new 4x7 very soon - maybe even tomorrow. I am not sure yet what it will entail but I'm kind of torn between a body weight protocol and a totally new kettlebell program based on what I got from Steve and John this weekend. Since I haven't yet received Scott's body weight DVD's I might go with an IKFF type 4x7 for now.

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