Thursday, October 2, 2008

2008/10/02 - Moderate day with the 16kg

I just finished a nice and easy session with the 16kg bell. I did:

Intuflow intermediate

16kg bell / 4 minutes work / 1 minute rest

Press: 24/24
Half Snatch: 20/20
Clean: 20/20

Swing (32kg): 15/15

Some Prasara movements to end off the session.

The session felt pretty easy and I didn't feel like I was working hard. I guess the work with the 24kg bell over the last few weeks has made a difference. I am also gradually in the process of changing my attitude to training. I am starting to believe that slightly less actually ends up being more. My natural tendency is to go as hard as possible in every session - whether it is Intuflow, Yoga or kettlebells. The more I explore the way my body works and learn from people like Scott Sonnon the more aware I'm becoming of the fact that discomfort is good but only up to a point. Pushing yourself to the point of discomfort seems to be good (or else there will be no progress) but trying to push too far into discomfort seems counter-productive. I would rather still be training daily when I'm eighty than having to give up due to burnout at the age of 40. I am slowly learning to let go of impatience and developing a viewpoint that includes going the distance rather than sprinting for 400 metres but not being able to finish the marathon. If I listen to this inner voice that is developing I might still be blogging 40 years from now - if not, well, there is always the Google archives.

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