Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2009/05/05 - Day 24: High intensity

Some hard work today. Nothing different but I felt pretty worked after my session yesterday and I also pushed pretty hard today. Here's the session:

Static holds:

Tuck front lever: 10 x 6 secs

Ring support: 10 x 6 secs

Basic body weight:

Pull ups: 3 x 3

Rocca from box: 3 x 3

Ring jack-knives: 3 x 5

Arch ups: 3 x 5

Flowfit level 2: 4 x 2 minutes on / 1 minute off


Howie Brewer said...

How are you timing these sets? Using a clock or the old "one mississippi, two mississippi" method?

hunashaman said...

Hey Howie. I use a timer (Sweatshop) on my laptop which I got from a free download website somewhere.