Tuesday, May 26, 2009

2009/05/27 - A bit weird

I have not been training since last week Wednesday...due to some interesting developments. I've had back issues for some time now..especially after I fell down a flight of stairs. Recently I decided to let go of my stubborn insistence that I will cure anything by trying harder and actually went for 3 sessions with a practitioner of an alternative therapy known as Body-Talk. I won't go into too much detail but I can say that I'm impressed so far. The system seems to incorporate methods from applied kinesiology, chiropractic and even psychology into a package that allow the inherent healing potential of the body to deal with all types of discomfort in an appropriate manner.After my second session I ended up with a pretty severe back spasm - which seems to be related to stored memories in my body after my fall. Even though this has been the reason for me not training for the last week I am feeling a strong sense of moving forward. I will probably have another session next week and hopefully that would help me to finally let go of the tension that has been holding me back for a while now. Life is so weird and the logical mind really cannot figure it all out.

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