Friday, May 8, 2009

2009/05/08 - Day 27: Moderate

Yesterday there was no training due to a lot of work that had to be finished. Luckily today's really nice session made up for it. I did:


Crow: 10 x 6 secs

L-Sit: 10 x 6 secs

Basic body weight work:

Bulgarian XR push ups: 3 x 3

XR rows: 3 x 3

Pistols (to box): 3 x 3

Hanging leg lifts: 3 x 3

Flowfit level 2: 3 x 2 minutes work / 1 minute rest

I was amazed with the static holds today. Both the crow and l-sit (still with bent legs) felt almost effortless. The Bulgarian push ups are however pretty taxing and was most likely the source of my sore shoulders earlier this week. Hopefully this won't be the case tomorrow.

I finsihed things off with a few rounds of the Yang Lu Chan form first section outside in the garden. I find the Tai Ji to be great for releasing stored tension after the strength work. In fact, Tai Ji feels like a joint mobility workout in its own right. During the form I felt a lot of releases of tension and also some interesting clicks in my spine. More tomorrow.

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