Saturday, May 9, 2009

2009/05/09 - Day 28: High day

Today was the last day of my first cycle with Coach Sommer's gymnastic body methods. I've made reasonable progress but realize that this is a long term process. I will continue with these methods in my next cycle (and perhaps even beyond that). Here is today's session:


Tuck FL: 10 x 6 secs

Ring Support: 10 x 6 secs

Basic body weight movements:

Pull ups: 3 x 3

Roccas: 3 x 3

Hanging leg lifts: 3 x 3

Arch ups: 3 x 3

Flowfit level 2: 4 x 2 minutes work / 2 minutes rest

The session felt good, except for the Ring supports. In the last couple of sessions the Ring Supports have been hurting the front of my shoulders. I don't know what this is about but I'll explore possible reasons in my next cycle and try and fix the problem. I again ended my session with some Tai Ji (this time inside since it is pretty cold outside).

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