Tuesday, November 25, 2008

2008/11/25 - High Intensity with some new toys

I finally got my Kettlebell Foundation DVD set and the Prasara Yoga set (both from Scott Sonnon). Apparently they have been lying in waiting at the post office (who never bothered to notify me of the arrival) since the 7th of November. Anyway, I'm really glad I got them at last. Naturally I had to start playing with my new toys immediately. I started with the kettlebell joint mobility warm-up and will over the next few days work through the rest of the material. Here is how my session went:

Kettlebell specific joint mobility

24kg / 1 minute on / 2 minutes off (still only the right side) of:

One Arm Jerk: 16

Snatch: 16

Press: 10

One Arm Jerk: 14

Snatch: 12

Press: 7

Swing: 20 right / 15 left

Light stretching

The kettlebell specific joint mobility exercises are really cool. Obviously their base in Intu-flow is quite visible but they are much more specifically designed to compensate for some of the stresses placed on the body by kettlebell training. Even after my session today I feel loose and mobile and not as tight as I do normally after intense kettlebell work. Look out for my full reviews of both the Kettlebell Foundation set and the Prasara set in the next few days.

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Howie Brewer said...

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the Compensatory Movements.