Wednesday, November 5, 2008

2008/11/05 - Still one sided

I looked at myself in the mirror after my session today - I looked positively scary. My right shoulder and arm were pumped and full of veins and the left side looked pretty puny in comparison. This left shoulder better heal soon otherwise I can start applying for roles in scifi or horror movies pretty soon. It was also interesting to notice how much more tired my arm felt during the snatch set. The time spent on the left arm during the jerk sets obviously allows the right arm to get some quality rest time. Not working the left side didn't give my right arm much time to recover but I got through it. Here is my session:

Z Health NWU 1 warm-up

One arm jerk (16kg): 4 minutes @ 10 rpm: 40
Snatch (16kg): 3 minutes @ 14rpm: 42

Swing (24kg): 20

I was also surprised today to notice how light the 16 kg bell is starting to feel. It almost flies out of my hand during the snatches. It might be the heavier presses on my moderate days that are beginning to pay dividends but a lot also seems to have to do with the improvement in my technique since the IKFF cert.

Before signing off just one last thing: CONGRATULATIONS to Barack Obama on the amazing election win.

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