Monday, November 10, 2008

10/11/2008 - Moderate day

My left shoulder is feeling a lot better but I still chose to be cautious and just work the right side today. Hopefully I'll get an appointment with the chiro later this week to work on the shoulder and some long standing back / hip issues. Today I did:

Z-Health NWU 1

One Arm Jerk (24kg): 4 x 1 minute sets @ 8 rpm
Chair Press (24kg): 1 x 1 minute set: 7
Front Squat (24kg): 3 sets of 5
Windmill (16kg): 1 set of 3

I cooled down with some gentle yoga stretching.


Howie Brewer said...

That right side of yours is going to be MASSIVE!

hunashaman said...

LOL! That's what's worrying me. I'm going to have to have special shirts made that are bigger on the one side.