Friday, November 21, 2008

2008/11/21 - High intensity day

Today's session was again based on the level 1 AKC fitness protocol (advanced version) with the 24kg bell. Now that I am working with the 24kg I am much stricter in terms of sticking to the rules of the protocol. When I was working with the 16kg I skipped levels and basically fooled around without much consistency or discipline. I don't think I can afford that with the 24kg so I'm staying well within the rules. Once the objectives for level 1 have been completed I will move up a level. Today's session went like this:

Intu-flow Intermediate level

1 minute sets with 2 minutes rest of the following with the 24kg (right side only):

One Arm Jerk: 16

Snatch: 16

Clean: 14

One Arm Jerk: 14

Snatch: 14

Clean: 11

Swing (24kg): 20

Flowfit: 1 x 6 minute round.

Total volume: 2520kg

My numbers dropped a bit during the second round, mainly as a result of forearm and grip endurance. I'm sure consistent practice will take care of it though. Have a great weekend everyone!


Howie Brewer said...

Can you take a before and after pic of your right side?

hunashaman said...

Stop teasing me Mr. Brewer. I actually saw myself in the mirror after my session today and it really is starting to look pretty scary. My right deltoid looks all big and swollen, as is the right bicep. The left side looks...well, rather mal-nourished. If this carries on I will for sure make money from circus freak shows etc. One very nice side-effect though is that my perpetually injured left hip is getting a lot better. Maybe my body decided to take over completely to fix some long term imbalances. If so - GREAT! If not, there is always roles available in B-Grade movies.