Monday, November 3, 2008

2008/11/03 - Shoulder injury

I somehow managed to injure my left shoulder during my previous moderate intensity day. I think I twisted the shoulder a bit when I did windmills and my Prasara cool down added to the discomfort. The fact that I did my high intensity day anyway was probably not a good idea and the shoulder is now really pretty uncomfortable. Luckily yesterday and today were lower intensity days anyway.

For a bit of a change (I love variety way too much) I worked through the Z-Health level 1 Neuro-Warm Up yesterday. Today I did the whole Z-Health R-Phase sequence, including the squat positions at the end. Even though I've been concentrating on Intu-Flow lately I enjoyed the precision of the Z movements. Because Intu-Flow is more flowing in nature I think I might have been neglecting proper form in my Intu-Flow sessions. In future I will be sure to focus on accurate execution of the movements rather than just flowing through the set quickly and with too little precision.

Hopefully my shoulder will be better tomorrow otherwise it will be a pretty one sided session.


Howie Brewer said...

Oh noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (my Mr. Bill imitation)

Make sure you don't over do it with that shoulder! Let it heal up before you tax it too much. Maybe focus on some lower body work in the meantime.

Glad you like the Z-Health program. I may return to it at a later date, as I am enjoying the flowing nature of Intu-Flow. =)

As you now see, there is a tremendous amount of overlap between the two. As I've said before, Z-Health is much more rigid in its execution.

I'm now starting to mess with the Intermediate program of Intu-Flow. So far, so good.

hunashaman said...

Yea Howie. I'll take it easy with the shoulder but will definitely continue squats, etc. I think I will alternate Z and Intu-Flow for a while to see what happens.