Thursday, March 25, 2010

Baby steps

For months now I’ve been watching our baby girl gradually becoming more physically capable. She has been gradually noticing more of this big process called life. With every passing day she is trying out new-found abilities but without any major impatience or a desire to reach the end goal. Even moving forward a couple of inches a day is ok for her. It dawned on me today that she knows exactly how to live life and remain immortal and progressive. She is patient and she is quite willing to gradually increase her strength and general movement potential. Even more importantly, she is enjoying the process. Tonight I decided to apply this to my training. There is no reason to rush anything. Just keep going one little incremental step at a time whilst enjoying the process of discovery. My baby steps for today was all about doing what I did with the bells yesterday in a slightly more comfortable way. This is what I did:

Gentle Intu-Flow warm-up

16kg Cleans: 2 minutes

16kg OAJ’s: 2 minutes

16kg Snatches: 2 minutes

24kg Swings: 15/15

Stretching focused on the hip area: 3 minute holds

Perhaps tomorrow I’ll do one more rep or manage to go for 30 more seconds. For now I’m just happy that I kept the momentum going today. Don’t rush! Rather choose to enjoy the scenery.

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