Thursday, November 19, 2009

2009-11-19 – A snatch session

The weather here is cold, wet and miserable; totally different from our normally hot Novembers. I just couldn’t get myself to go out again after I got home this evening so no Systema class for me tonight. Instead I worked through a snatch based session that looked like this:

Warm up: Intu-Flow level 1

16kg Snatch: 150 reps

Systema core exercises

Cool down: Intu-Flow level 1

I am steering away from 24kg Snatches for now because my shoulders have been taking a bit of strain lately due to old injuries that pop around for the occasional visit. The snatches went well and felt smooth. The extra Intu-Flow session as a cool down also seems to be a good idea because it leaves me feeling a lot looser and more relaxed than I normally feel after a session. I should probably make this a regular part of my sessions. Tomorrow I’ll probably do some more kettlebell work and next week I’ll be back (hopefully) to three days with the bells and two days at Systema class. Now, if this awful weather would just go away!