Friday, January 29, 2010

Just a quick update

I haven’t touch the bells for more than a month now. I decided to put them aside until I’ve figured out what really works for my body. My last stint with the bells produced some serious joint pains and a dramatic decrease in mobility which I was really not happy with. This is not to say that there is anything wrong with kettlebell training. In fact, I still believe it is one of the most efficient and productive training modalities available at the moment. Due to some injuries accumulated over years of “silly” training I do however need to be very careful when it comes to training. Lately I’ve mainly placed the focus on reclaiming my ability to move easily and freely. To this end I’ve mainly focused on Russian martial art exercises, movement drills and breathing drills. During the last week I’ve also re-introduced some of Scott Sonnon’s Flowfit programme into my training. Here is a summary:

2010-01-28 Flowfit level 1:

1 x 10 minute set

1 minute rest

1 x 5 minute set

2010-01-29 Flowfit level 1

1 x 14 minute set

I have found the FF sessions to be very easy. Yet, for some reason I know that FF level 2 will kick my ass hard. I am going to stay with my current training for a while until I’ve worked out the tension that stops any further progress.

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