Wednesday, May 28, 2008

GS and Yoga

Training for today:
Snatch (16kg): 8 minutes @ 12rpm: 96 (hand switches every minute).
Snatch (24kg): 2 minutes @ 9rpm: 18 (hand switch on the minute).
GS Squats: 2x5 with 24kg.
Iyengar Yoga for 15 minutes.
Because of Steve Cotter's inspiration I've decided to make my training more holistic and incorporate Yoga and Qigong into my training. These "soft" methods help me to stay relaxed and also keep my energy up.


Denis Kanygin said...

I find that yoga-esk exercises and kettlebell training go hand in hand. I'm a postural therapist and kb expert. I run kettlebell boot camp and a big part of the class are postural exercises. We use them to re-align after a day of inactivity and to re-focus.

Keep it up!

Denis Kanygin

hunashaman said...

Hi Denis. Thanks for the comment. I agree - the yoga seems to align everything nicely after being thumped by the bells.